Why I Quit Writing. and why you should too.


This journey to becoming a published author is nothing short of an agonizing, torturous road leading to nowhere…so, I quit.

Yep, that’s right. You heard me.

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In the Word Wednesday- Ascribe


Ascribe- Verb (used with object), ascribed, ascribing.

1. to credit or assign, as to a cause or source; attribute; impute:
The alphabet is usually ascribed to the Phoenicians.

2. to attribute or think of as belonging, as a quality or characteristic:
They ascribed courage to me for something I did out of sheer panic.

from dictionary.com


Psalm 29 starts off saying:

“Ascribe to the LORD, O mighty ones, ascribe to the LORD glory and strength.”

Later, it speaks of the voice of God being like thunder over mighty waters, as powerful, majestic, able to break cedars, but also able to make cities skip in joy like calves. David also compares God’s voice to flashes of lightning, able to twist oak trees, that can strip entire forests bare.

Then my favorite part:

verse 11 “The LORD gives strength to his people; the LORD blesses his people with peace.”


Ascribe. Have you ever thought about the power of God’s voice? That’s what David is getting at in this chapter. That God’s voice, just His regular voice has the power to strip forests bare, to make trees twist on the spot, and to thunder and quake.

God possesses immense power in just His voice that we can only partially imagine, and yet, with His voice He created the universe. He spoke every star into place. He told the earth to bear fruit and it did.

And yet, this same God who has the power to break trees in half with its magnitude is gentle with us.

God, in His infinite glory and wisdom knows that we can’t handle the full power of His voice, and yet we know it’s there. God, in His great love for you and for me decides to restrain this raw power and turn it into something to give us strength and peace.

Ascribe to Him glory and strength. Because He is glory. He is strength. And He chooses to give to us freely out of His love.

Be blessed and comforted by this, friends. God is so good to us, in all of His might and majesty, He loves us.

Blessings and joy!

P.S.: What words do you ascribe to God?



In the Word Wednesday…Rain

When those first drops of rain first fell after our drought, my breath caught in my chest. Surely this wasn’t really rain? But it was. We stared in wonder at the wet stuff coming down from the heavens.
For so long we had waited for it to rain. Clouds rolled in but promptly rolled back out. I had good hair days without frizz for three months straight– a lifetime record for my curly locks.

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In the Word Wednesday…Blessings

blessings_blogDeuteronomy 30:9-11

9ย Then the Lord your God will make you most prosperous in all the work of your hands and in the fruit of your womb, the young of your livestock and the crops of your land. The Lord will again delight in you and make you prosperous, just as he delighted in your ancestors, 10ย if you obey the Lord your God and keep his commands and decrees that are written in this Book of the Law and turn to the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul.

11ย Now what I am commanding you today is not too difficult for you or beyond your reach.

I just want to jump up and down and shout out how great God is!

Isn’t it awesome how He always has a Word at the right time? These verses were in my Bible reading for this morning’s quiet time.

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Broken Pieces

Falling apart.
The way we see ourselves is often radically different from how God sees us. We look at our past and our mistakes and think we are broken. Beyond repair. We look at the wounds that continue to hurt and fester and think that things will never change.
But we have to remember the beauty of God’s creation. He made the skies, painted the sunsets and sunrises and called them good. He placed each star in the sky and gave them a name, and called them good. He made the animals, and all of creation and called it good.

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