In the Garden…Garden Chores…December

gardenchores_december_blogWell, it’s no secret to those who know me that I’m a little, ahem, obsessed with gardening. I’m not saying that I’m great at it, but it is something that inspires me and provides a ton of relaxation and satisfaction, and let’s face it– as a homeschooling mom of three with little time for myself I could use all the relaxation I can get!
December in the South is a strange beast. Some years it’s not too chilly and other years it’s down right cold…at least for these parts! This weekend is verging on down right cold.

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Broken Pieces

Falling apart.
The way we see ourselves is often radically different from how God sees us. We look at our past and our mistakes and think we are broken. Beyond repair. We look at the wounds that continue to hurt and fester and think that things will never change.
But we have to remember the beauty of God’s creation. He made the skies, painted the sunsets and sunrises and called them good. He placed each star in the sky and gave them a name, and called them good. He made the animals, and all of creation and called it good.

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