Writing Challenges to Drive Wordcount


Have you heard of Speedbo? I hadn’t until just a few days ago. Like NaNoWriMo, Speedbo encourages writers to push on, aiming for 31 consecutive days of writing.

In true Seekerville fashion, Speedbo seeks to encourage writers to keep on going, to push on, to press on just as Philippians 3:14 encourages us to do in our Christian walk.

This year I’ll be participating in Speedbo and I’m so excited! Continue reading “Writing Challenges to Drive Wordcount”


Why I Quit Writing. and why you should too.


This journey to becoming a published author is nothing short of an agonizing, torturous road leading to nowhere…so, I quit.

Yep, that’s right. You heard me.

I quit. Continue reading “Why I Quit Writing. and why you should too.”

What’s in a name?


With so many types of books out there, sometimes it’s confusing to know if you’re writing a short story, a novella, or the lesser known novelette.

I thought it would be fun to make an infographic for you to use as you’re writing or reading your next book. Continue reading “What’s in a name?”

Exciting News…


Hey Friends!

First of all, I hope everyone is having an awesome start to 2017! Woohoo!!!

In that spirit, I wanted to let you know of a little something I’m working on…Would you like a sneak peak?

I’m putting together a little story about a guy and a girl, a coffee shop, a journal, blind dates, and missed chances. Throw in a misunderstanding, God’s perfect timing, and Valentine’s Day and you’ve got…

Something New…a short inspirational romance I’ve written just in time for Valentine’s Day.

If you know of someone who loves to read Inspirational Christian Romance, be sure to pass along the word. I’ll be giving away free copies to all subscribers. Yay!

Blessings and Joy!




Writing Desk- Using Pinterest to Storyboard Your Book


I’ve often wondered how we managed to survive without Pinterest. *Grins*

As far as social media goes, it’s one of my favorites? Why? Because I’m a visually driven person. I love, love, love beautiful images. And Pinterest is full of them!

I’ve had a lot of people ask me how I plan my novels. Bear with me if you’re not a writer as I answer this question.

I use Pinterest. Yep. And for me, it works.

If you’re stuck or your writing muse seems to have vanished, why not give Pinterest Storyboarding a try?

Here’s my process. Continue reading “Writing Desk- Using Pinterest to Storyboard Your Book”