Gardening Chores- January


January may possibly be the easiest month to do gardening chores. I think I said that last month, but this time I mean it!

This month I’m going to hunker down and bury myself under a mound of catalogues and magazines, read over the Farmer’s Almanac, and start dreaming about my garden in the spring.

I’ve still got some carrots going strong, so in the next couple of weeks we’ll harvest them. They should be nice and sweet since we’ve had a couple of nice freezes.

I’ll also continue to fill the birdfeeders and put out suet.

Other than those few things, that’ll be it for this month.

Happy Gardening!

Blessings and joy!


PS- What do you do in your zone for your garden in January?


In the Garden…Garden Chores…December

gardenchores_december_blogWell, it’s no secret to those who know me that I’m a little, ahem, obsessed with gardening. I’m not saying that I’m great at it, but it is something that inspires me and provides a ton of relaxation and satisfaction, and let’s face it– as a homeschooling mom of three with little time for myself I could use all the relaxation I can get!
December in the South is a strange beast. Some years it’s not too chilly and other years it’s down right cold…at least for these parts! This weekend is verging on down right cold.

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