In the Word Wednesday- Idols


But store up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where neither moth nor rust destroys, and where thieves do not break in or steal;

Matthew 6:20

I didn’t intend to put my hobbies ahead of God, it just kind of happened. One day I realized that I was spending more time on the things I wanted to do instead of spending time with God.

Have you ever found yourself in this position?

Twice now I’ve read in my Bible or did a devotional and both times they were on the same thing. I think maybe God’s trying to get my attention.

In this world with so many things it has to offer, it’s easy to get swept up into doing this or doing that and forgetting to do the one thing that will start our days off right…spending time with God.

And there are certain seasons of life when it’s easier to get off track than others…and I’m not making excuses or justifying my idolatry or yours. The Bible is clear that whatever we think about the most, talk about the most, do the most…that’s where our treasure is. That’s what our hearts are worshiping.

I think that God gives us wake-up calls from time to time to grab our attention. For some of us that might mean that chaos is ruling in our house or that we continually feel on edge or crabby. When life seems to spin out of control, that’s when we need to take stock of our hearts and determine whether we’re storing up worldly treasures or storing up God Himself.

Life on this broken planet won’t instantly turn to sunshine and roses once you decide to put God first, but it will start to change. You’ll notice that you have more joy. More peace. More laughter. You feel less on edge. You make better decisions. And that’s because we’re coming back to the one thing we really needed all along…Him.

Reflection Questions:

What captures the bulk of my time? TV? My phone? Social Media? A Hobby? My Children?

What do I spend a majority of my money on after the bills and essentials are paid for?


Action Steps:

1. Repent of your idolatry. Ask God to show you where hidden areas might be in your life. Journal them and pray over the things God reveals to you.
2. Evaluate your mornings. Are you always rushing out the door with no time to spare? Are you getting up early, but get sucked into checking Facebook or social media? It’s time to revamp your morning routine. Try setting your clock ahead twenty minutes and going to bed twenty minutes earlier so that you have time to read a morning devotional.
3. Make a commitment to spend time in the Word every morning and do it.


Friends, I wish I could say that putting God first always comes easily for me, but it doesn’t. That’s why I think it’s so important for us to encourage one another to dig deep into the Word. Coming up I’m going to give you a quick peak inside my Quiet Times and how I go deeper in studying the Bible.

Until then,

Blessings and joy!

What have you done to spend more time with God?





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