Writing Desk- Using Pinterest to Storyboard Your Book


I’ve often wondered how we managed to survive without Pinterest. *Grins*

As far as social media goes, it’s one of my favorites? Why? Because I’m a visually driven person. I love, love, love beautiful images. And Pinterest is full of them!

I’ve had a lot of people ask me how I plan my novels. Bear with me if you’re not a writer as I answer this question.

I use Pinterest. Yep. And for me, it works.

If you’re stuck or your writing muse seems to have vanished, why not give Pinterest Storyboarding a try?

Here’s my process.

Idea Gathering

First, I come up with an idea. Ideas come to me in a variety of ways–through a song, a picture, a conversation or a dream, and sometimes just random ideas pop into my head.

After I’ve thought about my idea for a while, I come up with a basic plot outline of where I want my story to go, the ultimate ending, and the things my characters are going to struggle with. Once I’ve settled on an overall theme or feel for my book, I head to Pinterest to gather some ideas.

Keep it a Secret

First, I create a secret board. Then I give it a name. If I don’t have a working title yet, I’ll do something generic like Book about Girl with Glasses. Vague, but it doesn’t have to be exact at this point.

Character Search

Next, I find my main characters. By this time I know what my characters look like, so I just have to type in descriptions that match. An example would be “woman with brown hair and glasses” or “man with scar on chin”

Then I go through a zillion photos until I shout out “Aha! That’s her!” and I pin the image into my secret board.

From there I do a few photos of what kinds of clothing they like to wear, foods they eat, etc. until I have some basic facts that remind me of who they are as “people”.


After that, I start searching for plot points and things that I want to happen in my novel. So, you may want to have your characters take a picnic at a park. Type in “picnic in park” and see what matches the mood you’ve established for your novel. A lot of times I’ll type something in and see what comes up as related pins and get ideas from there.

Here’s a pretend storyboard I made up. You get an immediate sense that this novel is a YA with a darker bent. It’s a little wistful, dramatic, etc. Just right for teen angst to leap off the page, which I love. Right off the bat you see that there’s a girl and a guy and a few scenes that I want to incorporate into the fake novel. A scene where she’s stranded in the rain, a breakout from some sort of prison-like place, a guy leaving her mysterious notes on the roof of her car, someone is obviously an artist, and memories about their time before whatever happened…happened.


Once I’ve gotten my board done, then I go in and copy, paste, and resize the pictures to fit onto a Word document in a way that they fit onto the page but I can still see them. Then I print them out and pin them to the bulletin board that hangs over my desk for inspiration.

Here’s a look at an actual storyboard I’m using for a novel I’m currently writing.


I love using this method because no matter what all is going on in my life, the next time I sit down to write I’ll immediately get pulled back into the feel of my story because I have the inspiration for it sitting above me. You can probably guess partially what this story is about.

Let me know if you try storyboarding with Pinterest! I’d love to hear how it works for you!

Do you use Pinterest for your writing or other hobbies?

Blessings and joy!


7 thoughts on “Writing Desk- Using Pinterest to Storyboard Your Book

  1. Great post! 😀 I love using Pinterest for writing inspiration! I’ve gotten whole scenes from a single picture alone. I have several secret boards for my books, and even one for pics that could be in future stories that I haven’t made up yet. 😛


    1. Isn’t it the best! So much inspiration!! My secret boards are starting to get out of control lol. Happy writing!


    2. Isn’t it amazing how our minds can form an entire story from a single photo?

      Maybe I’m just a master at searching through a bazillion pins until I get just the right one! 😂
      Happy Pinning!


  2. Wow, I’m impressed. LOVE the story board for your WIP! I’ve tried using Pinterest myself for character inspiration, but I never was able to find exactly what I was looking for… I guess you’re just a master of keywords!


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