In the Word Wednesday…Rain

When those first drops of rain first fell after our drought, my breath caught in my chest. Surely this wasn’t really rain? But it was. We stared in wonder at the wet stuff coming down from the heavens.
For so long we had waited for it to rain. Clouds rolled in but promptly rolled back out. I had good hair days without frizz for three months straight– a lifetime record for my curly locks.

We prayed. We waited. We worried. We watched as the ponds in our neighborhood shrunk lower and lower until the tiny retaining pond was completely gone. The river behind our subdivision was lower than we’d ever seen it.
And life carried on just as it always had, with or without the rain. But it wasn’t the same.
Then one day, the drought broke. Rain fell. Torrents and torrents of rain. The retaining pond was high again, the other ponds added to their depths. And my hair went from straight to curly frizz in ten seconds flat.
In those moments of pure wonder as we stared at those droplets of rain God reminded me of His character.
Sometimes God is silent.
There are times He chooses not to speak…just as he didn’t speak for 400 years to the Israelites. Not one uttered word. Not a single angel sent to earth to speak, not a vision or word of knowledge to the prophets. Nothing. Dry.
Sometimes we live in a drought of obedience. We know all the things we should do, and yet we don’t do them. We go about our lives as if everything is just as it should be…but it’s not.
We’re parched spiritually. We’re dried up on the inside.
During our drought our Fall colors were brown and dull. A few places that had intentionally watered had brilliant foliage, but overall, the colors were lackluster to say the least.
But when it finally rained? It’s like the trees sucked up gallons and gallons of paint and the leaves brightened seemingly overnight.
Are you dry this season?
I encourage you to pray for spiritual rain. And while you’re waiting, go ahead and do some of the watering yourself. Pick up a devotional and start reading it. Go through short books of the Bible like Jude, the Johns, Colossians, and Titus. Listen to a sermon podcast. Pray.
God tells us that His Word will fall on us like rain. It will renew us. Quench our dry and weary souls. Provide sustenance to our tender beings.
**What has fall been like in your area?
**What have you done to overcome a spiritual drought?

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